Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Global Warming and the Weather!!

For those climate change deniers, and there are many of them, can I suggest they read George Monbiot's excellent article on the link between global warming and the current Arctic weather conditions that we are enduring. This is how George seeks to explain the link:
There is now strong evidence to suggest that the unusually cold winters of the past two years in the UK are the result of heating elsewhere. With the help of the severe weather analyst John Mason and the Climate Science Rapid Response Team, I’ve been through as much of the scientific literature as I can lay hands on. Here’s what seems to be happening.

The global temperature maps published by NASA present a striking picture. Last month’s shows a deep blue splodge over Iceland, Spitsbergen, Scandanavia and the UK, and another over the western US and eastern Pacific. Temperatures in these regions were between 0.5 and 4 degrees colder than the November average from 1951 and 1980. But on either side of these cool blue pools are raging fires of orange, red and maroon: the temperatures in western Greenland, northern Canada and Siberia were between two and ten degrees higher than usual. NASA’s Arctic oscillations map for December 3-10 shows that parts of Baffin Island and central Greenland were 15 degrees warmer than the average for 2002 to 2009. There was a similar pattern last winter. These anomalies appear to be connected.

... I can already hear the howls of execration: now you’re claiming that this cooling is the result of warming! Well yes, it could be. A global warming trend doesn’t mean that every region becomes warmer, every month. That’s what averages are for: they put local events in context. The denial of manmade climate change has mutated first into a denial of science in general, now into a denial of basic arithmetic. If it’s snowing in Britain, a thousand websites and quite a few newspapers tell us, the planet can’t be warming.

...just look out of the window. No explanation of the numbers, no description of the North Atlantic Oscillation or the Arctic Dipole, no reminder of current temperatures in other parts of the world, can compete with the observation than there’s a foot of snow outside. We are simple, earthy creatures, governed by our senses. What we see and taste and feel overrides analysis. The cold has reason in a deathly grip.


Ioan said...

Pam ti'n defnyddio'r term "climate change deniers"? Yn gynta, dwi'm yn meddwl bod neb yn credu nad yw'r hinsawdd yn newid (am pa bynag reswm), ac yn ail mae o'n dacteg ddigon anifyr trio peintio dy wrthwynebyr yn "deniers" (holacaust fel arfer).

Royston Jones said...

What I've noticed about these maps produced by the Global Warming lobby is that the regions which fit their theory are conveniently uninhabited, or are unlikely to be visited by film crews from Western countries.

Coincidence, no doubt.

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

Ioan - Darllena y llythyrau y Daily Post heddiw, mae yna un yno ar wahan i'r sylw mae George Monbiot ei hun yn gael gan y bobol yma sydd ddim yn credu mewn cynhesu byd eang.

Victor Martin Hunt said...

Sorry Arfon, My heart,mind & being cannot find this Global Warming warning to be correct or real. It,s like the scenario I lived through 50 more years ago. Be afraid the world shall end! Yes, some day it did for some, but not the majority.... But when we are now in my area North Wales living in temp of 7c & below its not God or Global whom I am afraid of. Its the myth perpetrators living in sunnier climates whom I believe create fear for their own greed & need to feel & gain power. I believe them to be liars & total dick heads spreading fear.

Phil Rees said...

Just out of curiosity Victor - why are the polar ice caps melting then? Or is that just another elaborate stunt by the same people that faked those 'Man on the Moon' photos?

Victor Martin Hunt said...

The only men on the moon I am aware of were placed their by NASA over 40 years ago. NASA ran out money for more trips to explore the "Universe". Now the US taxpayer has to pay Russia to send their men & women up in a Soyuz 9 rocket to reach... another Russian camping site invention an orbiting space. We never seem to get the Russian pictures of the pole caps only American ones via NASA. We never get the Russian scientist thoughts on global warming. Must have been a wee bit warm for them last week when parts of Siberia raised it temperature from minus 45 C to minus 40 C Siberia . However in the equator we have giant sand pits that have grown every year for the past 6,000 years. They continue to have temperatures extremes from minus 10 C at night that rise to 45 C during the day. Is that also due to global warming or mankind's testing & playing with Nuclear fusion for the past 65 years?
As Albert Einstein stated their were only 2 things that he felt certain about than the existence of the Universe or the stupidity of man. Even he he admitted he wasn't sure about the former. I tend to agree with him!

Phil Rees said...

Well not sure how any of that explains why the ice caps are melting (you neatly sidestepped that question !), but as you say, there's still plenty of sand around. You and others will have no problem finding some to bury your heads in !!

Charles Beswick said...

When will people understand that what heats the earth is the sun?? The sun is not a two bar electric fire to be switched on and off, it is the biggest nuclear constant explosion. There are bound to be variations in the heat coming from the sun. I am aware of human interferance, eg China has very low quality coal and has myriad power stations which pollute. I do think that a lot of the global warming activists when not fiddling the figures are creating jobs for themselves.!!

Royston Jones said...

The Global Warming prophets are very selective in their 'evidence'. A few years ago we were fed scare stories of the west Antarctic ice shelf melting and breaking away . . . we were not told that a much larger area of the east Antarctic ice shelf was growing, and more than compensating for the loss in the west.

The Maldives and similar island groups have not been swamped, as was predicted, but their governments are now reluctant to allow in impartial observers in case the money from gullible Western countries dries up.

Because that's the bottom line - money. Research grants, professorships and book sales for academics; fat subsidsies for companies erecting useless bloody turbines (paid for by us poor consumers); and a chance for self-promoting politicos like Jane Davidson to jet off to ridiculous international conferences in places like Cancun.

Global Warming has become an industry in itself, and as such there are many, many, people with a vested interest in seeing the lie perpetuated and more widely promoted. But it can't last.

People are finally waking up to the lie and refusing to be conned any more. From now on in expect common sense - and the realities of the weather and climate - to prevail.

Tom Rippeth said...

Don't want to disagree Arfon - but there isn't a proven link - although periods of severe don't disprove the fact that our climate is changing and we (humans) are probably responsible.
To correct Charles, what determines the Earths temperatu...re is the balance between solar heating and heat lost to space (the latter being reduced as geenhouses gasesin the atmosphere increase).
Remember 2010 is globally the warmest year on record .... heat waves in Russia, devestating monsoon in Pakistan .... and Greenland and Iceland are currently having unseasonally very warm waethe

John Broughton said...

Monbiot is thoroughly discredited read James Delingpole for a comprehensive and definitive view.