Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Good news for Yes vote in Wrecsam

Today's ICM/BBC poll on voting in the referendum on greater powers in 12 weeks' time is the biggest sign so far that a decisive "yes" vote is in sight with the right campaign. A 53-24 majority among all voters - the "yes" vote increases to 77% of all those "certain" to vote.
Significantly, all 22 council areas are reporting a "yes" vote - a major change from 1997 when it was the West and Valleys that swung it. For us locally, the most heartening change is that, according to Vaughan Roderick, Wrecsam is the second strongest area in favour of greater powers. Granted the sub-sets of the poll are very small, but this would be in line with the overall political changes locally in the past decade.
On a very cold day, it warms the cockles.

UPDATE: Full details here. The North sample is still too small to be scientific at 231 but is an indicator of the mood locally. It shows a broadly similar result to the national picture:

Yes: 61%
No: 25%
DK: 14%

Wrecsam is 68%-15%!

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Anonymous said...

The evidence demonstrates total incomptence in Cardiff. Since the Ass took charge healthcare in Wales has nosedived where patients in Wales have to wait significantly longer for treatment than their counterparts in England. Just one example of why the Ass is incompetent.

Principally the Ass is incompetent because it is run by 2nd / 3rd ? 4th rate politicos - NB civil servants used to regard a posting to Cardiff as terminal to carer progression.

There might be a good argument for + powers if power were well used but it is not.

Perhaps, one day, the politicos that choose Westminster will choose Cardiff instead. Then we might see some quality!

The only sensible answer in the referendum is NO. Wales deserves the premiership not the Blue Flag!