Saturday, 18 December 2010

Handbags at dawn!

There is very little Christmas goodwill in Cardiff Bay with Leighton Andrews and Peter Black having a right old spat on twitter. It all starts off with a Peter Black blog (doesn't it always). Anyway Peter reckons that the first Yes for Wales campaign leaflet is misleading and that it misrepresents what Wales can hope to gain from Westminster following a Yes vote. Leighton Andrews's response to Peter Black's blog was:
is there any chance that you could actually start campaigning for a yes vote, instead of whingeing about the campaign?

Peter Black - is there any chamce you can stop using the campaign to try and get a Labour majority in May?

Leighton Andrews - Great, Peter. Keep starting public fights with Yes campaigners who have signed off leaflets with your colleagues. Amateur.

Peter Black - you started this fight Leighton. If a "professional" campaign is all about gagging your colleagues you can keep it. Cretin.

Leighton Andrews - I am not going to respond to personal abuse. You have used a word that would rightly get you thrown out of the Chamber.

Peter Black - so it's OK for you to use personal abuse but when you get it back you run to the high ground. Careful you don't fall off

...and so it goes on. Dead professional? No not really! As I said in my twitter reply,
"Bit of a spat going on between @LeightonAndrews and @peterblackwales about the @yesforwales campaign. Grow up boys and work together."


Plaid Whitegate said...

Black has now taken down the comments from his blog.

MH said...

I have to say that Peter Black has a point, even though he's done his best to obscure it with bad language. As I said at the time, Carwyn Jones was completely wrong to link the matter of funding with a Yes vote. And even if he could claim the ConDem coalition had made that connexion, it has since become clear that, whether we vote Yes or No, it will not trigger a reform of the funding formula. Therefore for Yes for Wales to state, "So vote yes if you want a stronger voice for Wales and more money for public services in Wales" is deliberately misleading.

As soon as the leaflet was published, I made the point, here, that another statement in the leaflet was making a party political point about how money was spent, something that has nothing to do with the subject of the referendum because those decisions can be made with or without primary lawmaking powers. And, by directly quoting the One Wales government, it became something that no LibDem or Tory could possibly be expected to agree with. So Peter was making a good point, even if it did take a little while longer for the penny to drop. The leaflet was either incredibly stupid or deliberately provocative.

Those of us who want a Yes vote do not need to rely on misleading statements like these, and therefore we must, in my opinion, distance ourselves from them and make it clear that they are not being made in our name. If Yes for Wales do not take notice of this in future leaflets and statements then I think we should campaign for a Yes vote through a different organization.

MH said...

I just looked over what I'd written. The bit about the penny dropping comes across as gratuitous, and I'm sorry. Perhaps Peter had only just read the leaflet.

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

Marc - The comments were on twitter not on the blog.

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

John Broughton said...

The Yes leaflet is dishonest in that it makes claims about financial expectations for Wales which have no connection to the referendum.

The referendum, if passed, paves the way for Holtham which may well lead to significant tax increases in Wales.

The sensible and logical vote on the referendum is NO.