Monday, 6 December 2010

Keep the post public

The postal service is under threat for the third time in a decade, and we face the prospect of losing a cherished public institution. The CWU posties' union is at the forefront of the campaign to save it from privatisation under the FibDem-Tory coalition:

Throughout its long history, Royal Mail has provided a vital public service to isolated rural and urban communities alike across the length and breadth of the country, providing a unique one-price-goes-anywhere daily service. We are convinced that privatisation will lead to widespread closure of Post Offices, jeopardise the uniform tariff and universal service for letters and lead to a deterioration of services, particularly for small businesses, domestic customers, vulnerable groups and communities.

Privatising the Royal Mail is deeply unpopular:

- A YouGov poll in August 2010 showed that only 15 per cent of the public agree with privatising Royal Mail while 60 per cent believe the Royal Mail should remain a wholly publicly-owned organisation

- An ICM poll last year found that 78 per cent of the public believed selling Royal Mail would be a bad deal for the taxpayer and 82 per cent of believed prices will go up

Royal Mail is a successful company in a strong position:

1. Royal Mail made £321 million profit in 2009 and £404 million in 2010, a rise of 26 per cent

2. The modernisation of Royal Mail is fully funded. There is no need for external financial investment from private backers

3. The recently agreed Business Transformation Agreement 2010 provides an outline for the modernisation of Royal Mail in a highly competitive market and already has the full support of both staff and management

4. Royal Mail is experiencing a period of prolonged stability for the first time in a decade. The upheaval of a sell-off would undo the good work that has already been done, and undermine any further successful implementation of the agreement

Improved model

In order to help Royal Mail keep its competitive edge in a constantly evolving market, the CWU proposes that the company should follow a business-centric model. In its recommendations, the CWU proposes that business leaders with experience of the private sector would be employed to expand the knowledge and expertise within the company.

In addition, the CWU recommends that regional business boards be created to give local employees a grassroots voice in national decision-making.

The focus of the Keep the Post Public campaign is to maximise pressure on the coalition to get them to understand the public are opposed to privatisation, and to persuade the Government to think again.

CWU is supporting the formation of local, broad-based campaign committees in partnership with residents and members of other organisations.

For further information on our campaign, please contact the CWU at


moggy said...

Sorry to go off topic .. Does Plaid have a policy on school exclusions?

CWU said...

Diloch yn fawr for covering the Keep the Post Public Campaign

We have linked back to you and will link to any other bloggers who support the campaign.


Anonymous said...

Plaid have no idea of what Wrexham or Brymbo need. A typical south Wales party! Forget the North. Wrexham and Brymbo saw so much hardship when the steelworks was closed and the site left to be derelict.
It now houses a very tight and friendly community of people and is the heart of the Brymbo community. The spine road is needed if the development of the community is to continue.
The spine road would link the whole community together. Stopping this project now would send Brymbo back to the old days where the Steal Works closed. People bought their houses up here believing in a better future for Brymbo, investing in that future. And plaid are determined to kill that future.

sydney tongue said...

This is wonderful. Plaid gets all the blame for the failings of the past 20 years. Brymbo's loss is my gain!!!