Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Subsidy for Electric Cars

The UK Government will provide £43 million of subsidies to purchasers of nine makes of electric (hybrid) cars to promote low carbon transport. This could be as much as £5000 per purchase This is a welcome development especially as businesses have been able to claim 100% cost of purchase of hybrid vehicles against tax and this just levels the playing field for private motorists.

Unfortunately we in Wales are unlikely to benefit from the availability of this subsidy because there NO electric charging points in Wales. This is what Hywel Williams MP had to say about the Department of Transport ignoring the needs of Wales yet again:
“The Welsh Assembly supported a joint private and public sector consortium bid, including Cardiff City Council and the Energy Savings Trust amongst others for funding from the 'Plugged In Places' initiative.
“This would have introduced electric car charging points in the city centres of Cardiff and Bristol and along the motorway network between the two cities.

“However, while the Department for Transport have announced the funding of three new projects in England - alongside three which already exist - and new projects in both Scotland and Northern Ireland, they haven’t supported this bid for Wales and the south-west of England.

“This seems to mirror the situation for internet broadband recently, where the bidding process again saw Wales frozen out, without any good reason being given.

“I would like to see an explanation from the Department for Transport as to why this scheme, which is environmentally friendly and economically positive, is not being supported.

“At present, there is not a single electric car charging point in Wales, with the funding going to locations elsewhere.

“Plaid called for this in our 2010 general election manifesto and in the “4 Wales 4 Scotland” campaign that we launched last Spring, so that we can have the infrastructure to make our transport greener.

“With the electrification of the Great Western Railway line still in the balance, it is a shame that we are once again being left behind by the Department for Transport in London.”

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Jeremy Clarkson said...

This is another example of the total inadiquacy of the Barnet formula. If Wales are ignored in non devolved areas what can we do?