Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Tories call for public sector pay freeze - but not for themselves

The Tory idea of fairness is not an universal concept. It usually only applies to other people, so that - for example - only other people pay taxes while they have offshore accounts.

The latest example of this is Welsh Tory leader Nick Bourne's hypocrisy over a public sector pay freeze.

On November 12, a National Assembly official wrote to all AMs confirming that they would not receive a pay increase for the next four years. The decision was recommended by the Remuneration Board set up to fix AMs’ pay and allowances, and agreed by all four parties.

Within minutes, Mr Bourne had emailed back, saying: “Probably worth adding that I believe it is also agreed, I hope so anyway, that our staff who are paid less than we are will not be subject to a freeze.”

Days later, Mr Bourne shifted his position and backed the idea of a pay freeze for all public sector workers earning more than £21,000.

A Senedd insider said: “This is utterly hypocritical from the Conservative group leader Nick Bourne.

“He cannot on one hand suggest a civil servant in the Assembly who earns just over £21,000 should take a pay freeze, and on the other hand protect his own publicly funded staff from the same freeze.”

One law for the plebs, another for the Tories it seems.

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