Saturday, 18 December 2010

Vodaphone - make the tax dodgers pay

Despite the weather, a dozen campaigners from Wrecsam joined the growing movement against tax-dodging corporations. Vodaphone, which has avoided a £6 billion tax bill with the agreement of the UK government, was targetted in the main shopping area of Regent St.
The manager was aware of the protest and had a security guard ready to lock the door - unfortunately leaving at least three customers stuck inside.
A good-natured discussion with the police led to them accepting our right to protest peacefully on the street and the thousands of Christmas shoppers were supportive of the picket.

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Hetts Handbag said...

Plaid Gwersyllt should get his priorities right and challenge Councillor Bithell about the lack of grit in his ward and in particular the Moss Valley area