Thursday, 2 December 2010

Who said this?

Yes who said this in response to the English press's virulent attack on the Welsh Government having the audacity to go their own way:
Devolution is about states doing things differently and if the English feel so badly done by then they can always change their own policies. However, in the spirit of constructive debate I felt it was important to address two particular myths with some facts of our own:

1. Public spending per head in London is higher than that in Wales. So claims that we are better off than the rest of the Uk is nonsense. In any case, any rational public policy would distribute funds according to need so Wales is actually underfunded.

2. The amount of money raised from taxes in Wales is actually more than the Welsh Assembly spends in total. So claims that English taxpayers are subsidising Welsh policies are wrong.

Got to be a Plaid Cymru politician hasn't it, no one from the Brit parties would have the bottle to criticise their paymasters would they? I'm afraid you're wrong the words were written by non other than Peter Black. Is he really moving towards Plaid Cymru's view of the world?

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Anonymous said...

Ahhhhhhhhh, heaven forbid, what would Welsh Ramblings do then?