Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Wrecsam says Yes - public meeting 5/1/11

‘Yes for Wales’ campaign launches

On Wednesday, January 5th a number of ‘Yes for Wales’ launch events will be held all over the nation. Events will be held in Aberystwyth, Newport, Bangor, Aberdâr and here in Wrecsam.

We want a resounding ‘yes’ vote on March 3rd 2011 and these events are an opportunity to build the campaign to involve everyone from community campaigners to trade unionists, students to pensioners and everyone in between.

Wrecsam: Wednesday, January 5th, 7.00pm. Canolfan Catrin Finch Centre, Prifysgol Glyndŵr University, Wrecsam.

What better way to kickstart the new year than by supporting this event? And if you can’t be there, remember that you can volunteer to help the ‘yes’ campaign by sending an e-mail to or by visiting

There are only 10 weeks left to persuade everyone in Wales that....

laws which affect Wales only should be made in Wales.
a ‘yes’ vote will give Wales a stronger voice.
a ‘yes’ vote will make it easier for us to run our own affairs.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to protest that evening!

Plaid Whitegate said...

But then you wouldn't be anonymous! You don't have the courage to use your own name on a blog let alone be protesting against people who want more democracy for their country.

Why don't you do something positive like organise a No campaign public meeting in Wrecsam? There are plenty of spare telephone kiosks.