Sunday, 5 December 2010

Wrexham BNP Councillor arrested!

It sounds to me like a BNP street stall in Liverpool City Centre descended into total mayhem as a number of BNP activists and anti Fascists were involved in a bit of a slanging match resulting in a number being arrested. One of the ones arrested was non other than Mike Whitby a Coedpoeth Community Councillor:
"On the BNP side, organiser Mike Whitby strode amongst the protesters with his megaphone, calling everybody a paedophile. It took the police about 15 minutes to realise that his actions were provocative and decide to arrest him. He was last seen being dragged up Church Street, still frothing at the mouth, his feet sliding across the wet pavement like he was on skis. This spectacle wasn’t lost on the public, most of whom could only shake their heads in derision."

I have quickly scanned Wrecsam Council's Code of Conduct and I'm pleased to announce that Councillor Whitby would appear to have breached several aspects of the where is that address for the Ombudsman!


Hitler's moustache said...

Whitby combines his role in Coedpoeth with being the BNP's Liverpool organiser. That's how desperate the boneheads are...

Anonymous said...

I wonder if he still lives in Coedpoeth anywhere further than 3 miles probably bars him from being on the Community Council.

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

I have just made a complaint under Members Code of Conduct to the Wales Ombudsman on 5 separate points:
1. duty to carry out responsibilities with regard to equal opps.
2. show respect and consideration for others
3. Not use bullying behaviour or harrass any person.
4. Do something that compromises impartiality.
5. Bring the authority into disrepute (Coedpoeth Community Council)

moggy said...

people in glass houses shouldnt throw stones

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

If you've got the evidence then go for it, I've nothing to hide, but of course you won't because you'll have to identify yourself won't you.