Tuesday, 11 January 2011

1300 students protected from coalition cuts

More than 1300 further education students in Wrecsam will benefit from the Welsh Government's decision to secure the future of the Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA).
Plaid Cymru's Assembly candidate for Wrecsam Marc Jones said the announcement showed the commitment of the Welsh government in promoting distinctive Welsh policies. He said that students at Yale college were among those benefitting from the continued scheme.
One of them is Syd La Roche, 17, of Caia Park, Wrecsam. He said:
"Some of my mates wouldn't have done the course without the EMA. It definitely made it easier for me to stay on the course, it would have been harder without it."

Whilst the EMA has been protected in Wales it is being scrapped by the UK government. The EMA provides up to £30 per week for students over the age of 16 to stay in education on a means tested basis ensuring that students from the poorest backgrounds benefit.
Marc Jones said:
“This shows our determination to protect funding in education and invest in developing further education for young adults.
“I know that there are a great number of students that without the EMA could not see a future for themselves in education.
“This is a vitally important scheme and one that makes a huge difference to people seeking further education that otherwise could not afford it.
“There are 1300 students in Wrecsam who rely on EMA. The contrast between the situation here and in England could not be greater as the Assembly government invests in the next generation.”The Conservative-Lib Dem government’s decision to scrap the EMA in England was short sighted.”

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