Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Assembly 'has earned the right to operate without a Westminster veto on what it does'

A rally supported by local people and politicians from different political backgrounds is to be held in Queens Square, Wrexham town centre, this Saturday at 11am.

The rally aims to raise awareness about the upcoming referendum on more powers for the Welsh Assembly on March 3rd and to give people information about the issues surrounding the vote. A variety of speakers will be attending the event to put their case forward for a YES vote, such as local Assembly Member for Lesley Griffiths, Cllr Marc Jones, Wrexham businessman Tim Tindle and local martial arts champion and community campaigner Pol Wong. Trade unionists and representatives from the Liberal Democrats and Conservative parties have also been invited.

Tim Tindle, Managing Director of IMC on the Wrexham Industrial Estate added:

“The Welsh Assembly understands Wales and has enacted policies to help business in Wales. Through those actions, I believe it has earned the right to operate without a Westminster veto on what it does."

Lesley Griffiths AM said:
"A YES vote for Wales is important so that Welsh laws can be made here in Wales, for Wales, putting us on an equal footing with the other devolved areas of the UK.”

Cllr Marc Jones, who represents the Whitegate ward in Caia Park, said:
"The current system means that the Assembly can only pass laws in devolved areas if they are given the go ahead by Westminster, a process that can often take months or even years. A YES vote would reduce bureaucracy and ensure more accountability for Welsh politicians. The basic message from campaigners is that decisions affecting Wales should be made in Wales."

Pol Wong commented:
"To me this referendum is an overdue opportunity for us to start making decisions for ourselves. I also think it will make our own Assembly more accountable to us. Surely the Assembly that only has the interests of Wales to think about is going to make better decision than politicians in London who have no connection or understanding of Wales or her people."

Campaigners are urging local people to come along to Saturday's event to find out more about the referendum and the benefits of supporting a YES vote on March 3rd.

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