Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Capital Funding for Schools.

In July 2010, the Welsh Government announced the succesful bids for the third and last tranche of the transitional School Buildings Improvement Grant (SBIG) for the year 2012/13. A week before Christmas all Local Education Authorities who were succesful in their bids received a letter from DCELLS (Department for Children, Education, Lifelong Learning and Skills)advising that these succesfull bids may be deferred for 12 months; and that Jane Hutt AM will make a Ministerial Statement, again before Christmas, but no more was heard.

The question that no-one can get an answer to is what happens to the capital funding for 21st Century schools which is the successor funding model to the SBIG supposedly commencing in 2013/14, if the SBIG is deferred?

Syniadau in his blog and comments seems to suggest that a portion (£6 million) of Cardiff City Council's 21st Century Schools bid is coming from the SBIG bloc grant, perhaps because the Welsh Government haven't sufficient capital funds to cover all the projects.

The list of succesful SBIG projects (up to now) are as follows:

Ynys Mon: £7.7 million.
Bridgend £26 million.
Cardiff £26.9 million
Carmarthenshire £10.2 million.
Ceredigion £3.6 million.
Conwy £15.4 million.
Denbighshire ££3.1 million.
Flintshire £4.5 million.
Gwynedd £5.5 million
Pembrokeshire £4.2 million.
RCT £8.1 million.
Swansea £15.4 million.
Wrecsam £4.1 million.

The Cardiff, Carmarthenshire, Denbighshire and Wrecsam, bids are for Welsh schools or in Cardiff's case part of the bid is for a Welsh school.

Any marks for guessing which projects will be deferred?

UPDATE - Meeting held today between Wrecsam officers and DCELLS confirmed that ALL SBIG 3 deferred and consequently BAND A of 21st C Schools. Begs the question what they have spent the £134 million for school improvement on. In understand that an opposition AM has/will be asking Leighton Andrews or Jane Hutt questions about these monies. I wonder if my original suspicions are right, that this money has gone on the tuition fees top up?


Roll out the Pork Barrell said...

So First Minister Carwyn Jones constituency Bridgend does rather well with £26 million, bet you that won't be deferred.

Roll out the Pork Barrell said...

Jane Hutt get's some SBIG as well in Vale of Glamorgan! Heard a rumour that Jane's got a new Health Centre where she is a patient. When does Chirk get theirs then?

Anonymous said...

The Conservative candidate the area was in the Chirk doctors surgery this morning. Looks like someones taking an interest in the future of health in the area.

Plaid Whitegate said...

As a committed Unionist, the Tory candidate will no doubt want to follow the English model for the NHS whereby GPs are put in charge of billions of pounds. This is way beyond the remit of your average GP surgery so they will turn to BUPA and other private managers to run the budgets. There is nothing to say that these firms will use existing NHS hospitals to treat patients. The dismantling of the NHS as a public service, which started with Labour's PFI scandal, continues apace.

Anonymous said...

tumbleweed fever hitting this blog today...

Peppapot said...

I wonder what WAGs bill is for foreign students


The scotland scenario shows what they have proposed recently for tuition fees could become unaffordable if the same were replicated in Wales?