Tuesday, 25 January 2011

More Tory woes!

Councillor Richard Lowe is a Conservative Councillor on Cheshire West and Chester Council. Last week Councillor Lowe was selected as the prospective Tory candidate for Alyn and Deeside constituency, but resigned two days later for 'personal reasons,' with the Welsh Conservative Party saying they wouldn't be 'commenting further.'

Now Councillor Lowe is somewhat 'gaffe prone' having had the Tory whip on Chester Council withdrawn from him for making a 'sick joke' on his Facebook page about Madeline McCann. It has also been revealed that Councillor Lowe has not been particularly committed to his council role either, having only attended one council meeting in 6 months but still being entitled to his £12,000 a year members's allowance.

The Welsh Conservative Party are not having much luck with their candidate selection for the Assembly elections, Cllr Lowe is the second of their candidates to resign soon after their selection; with Anthony Ridge-Newman resigning as prospective candidate for the Gower for again unknown reasons.

Rumour has it that the Welsh Conservatives will select that 'safe pair of hands' and outspoken Tory, John Bell as their candidate for Alyn and Deeside.


Mancot said...

You are kidding!! At least Bell will have to stop calling himself the losing Tory candidate in all those letters to the papers he keeps writing. What have the good people of Flintshire done to deserve this clown?

Anonymous said...

There no bigger clown than Ieuan Wyn Jones! The Minister "who did not realise" that the second express rail service missed out Wrexham!

DJE. said...

The Civil Service in the Assembly is a disgrace, they work for their masters in England and they actively work against the political will of the Welsh Government. In any decent democracy Ministers would be able to sack such disloyal bastards but not in Wales because they are answerable to the Head of the Civil Service in London. WG Civil Servants in IWJ's department deliberately went against his wishes. We should have our own Welsh Civil service answerable to the democratically elected government in Cardiff.

Jac o' the North said...

Spot on, DJE. This absurd situation of a government relying on civil servants whose loyalties lie elsewhere is untenable. But why has WAG put up with it for so long?