Wednesday, 26 January 2011

End of the line for Wrexham-Marylebone train service


The end of the line for the Wrexham-Marylebone direct train service is a "terrible blow" for Wrexham.

That's the view of Plaid Cymru's Assembly candidate for the town Marc Jones, who said: "The direct service to London created jobs and helped to revive the town's main train station. It was also a service that won plaudits for the standard of care and comfort.

"The news that its parent company Deutsche Bahn are pulling out of the town and ending the service is a terrible blow, not only to the workers directly employed but also to the many thousands of people who used the service for both business and pleasure. It's a real bolt from the blue."

He said he had been planning to take his family on a day trip to London in the school half-term and had been looking forward to travelling direct with the Wrexham-Marylebone service.

Mr Jones said: "We've used it before and it seemed to be very well used. But it was well documented that the company has had to contend with other rail companies trying to block its route to London and that contributed to the fact that it took four hours to get from Wrexham to London."

He added that maintaining good rail services through Wrexham was essential and he had already been speaking to Assembly officials about the alternatives that could become available in the wake of this shock announcement.


Anonymous said...

What a shame, an excellent service having to cease probably because of a lack of subsidies when a crap service like Arriva Trains Wales gets millions in subsidies until 2018 and provides a wholly inferior service to the people of Wales

Anonymous said...

Maybe WAG should subsidise this rather than the "weak" North South rail service.

Plaid Whitegate said...

Wxm-Marylebone operated without a subsidy and never, to my knowledge, asked for one. WAG invested in improvements to Wrexham General station to provide depot facilities, which enabled the service to begin in the first place.
Personally, I would favour public ownership of the Wales and Borders rail franchise when it runs out so that the profit currently going to shareholders can be re-invested in improved rolling stock and services. Arriva Trains Wales is not responding to passenger need at the moment.

JB said...

You could argue that WAG and Wrexham Council have spent hundreds on facilities at Wrexham General station and that intervention is therefore warranted?

Paul Rogers

Paul Rogers said...

Unlike the "Paul Rogers" @ 15:24 ... I feel the investment in infrastructure at Wrexham and does keep possibilities open for the future development of rail services to the town.

Investment made by the council at Wrexham General such as the additional car parking, bus interchange and toilet facilities will continue to benefit rail passengers.

I understand the Conservative transport minister Theresa Villiers has offered to meet MPs who represent constituencies affected by the Wrexham and Shropshire decision to end services.

It is vital that cross party representations about the importance of rail travel to North Wales are made as part of the consultation on the West Coast Mainline franchise.