Saturday, 29 January 2011

Increase in Serious Crime!

Paul McKeever, Chairman of the Police Federation of England and Wales is quite right to warn the Home Affairs Select Committee that:
...there could be a rise in crime in England and Wales if planned funding cuts go ahead.

He gave evidence to the Home Affairs Committee on 11 January 2011 as part of an inquiry into the Coalition's proposal to cut funding by 4% then 5% in the next two years.

Central funding will fall to £9.3bn in 2011-12, then £8.8bn the year after.

In the Spending Review in October, police learned they faced a 20% cut in funding by 2014-15.

Mr McKeever said there could be 20,000 fewer officers in service, saying there was a correlation between a cut in numbers and crime rates.

We are already seeing an increase in SERIOUS crime in North Wales now. North Wales Police regularly trumpet a fall in ALL crimes in North Wales on a year by year basis but this hides increases in serious crimes and decreases in MINOR crimes. Because there are more minor crimes than serious crimes the increase in serious crime is masked by a decrease in all crime rates.

For example in December's Monthly Information Bulletin, All crime is down nearly 10% in the year to the end of December 2010 compared to the end of December 2009. Other minor crimes like criminal damage and theft from motor vehicle are down 12 and 18% respectively.

More serious crime like Burglary in the home is up nearly 6%, Robberies are up 20% and Serious Sexual Offences are up 6%.

Whilst we must applaud a fall in criminal activity as it affects quality of life issues irrespective of how minor the crime is, we must also be aware that a fall in Police numbers will in all likelihood result in increases in the most SERIOUS criminal activity.

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