Friday, 7 January 2011

Justice for All

In November 2010, the Government issued a Green Paper on Reform of Legal Aid in England and Wales. These reforms if legislated WILL very seriously restrict, what advice that legal aid will fund and who will be eligible for legal aid. Justice for All is a
"...coalition of legal and advice agencies, politicians, trade unions, community groups and members of the public campaigning to ensure everyone is treated fairly under the law. Free, independent advice and representation on legal
matters is essential to achieve justice for all."

Justice for All have published a detailed briefing paper on the impact that these reforms will have on Advice agencies like Shelter and Citizens Advice Bureau as well as the ability of low income families to obtain legal advice.

With Council's cutting back on funding to Advice organisations this green paper will have a devastating impact on the advice that Shelter Cymru, Citizens Advice Bureau and other advice organisations will be able to provide to the most vulnerable in our society.

I would ask that you join Justice for All's campaign to oppose this Green Paper and to ask your MP's to sign this EDM

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Antielitist said...

Whichever way one looks at this, it is undeniable that those most hurt by the ConLibs' austerity measures, will be most hurt by this approach.Dear God, - how much do we have to tolerate, and watch from the sides whilst the less able, the weak, the sick and the elderly are 'kettled' in this way.
The potential suffering forced on them is inhuman.Yet tha govt cares not one iota,- has not the testosterone or the basic decency to deal with the bankers' obscene greed.
Did anyone ever read the book by Lord Ted Willis(Dixon of Dock Green fame) - called 'The Churchill Commando'? I did, and the fate forseen there is near being a reality.