Saturday, 8 January 2011

Nick Bourne's Big Government!

This is a tweet from @nickbourneam
Spoke today to Crickhowell residents concerned at lack of clearing of pavements of snow and ice-- pursuing.True elsewhere alas.

My reply:
no Big Society volunteers in Crughywel then? Must create a bigger state to clear snow .I wonder where the money coming from?

No seriously, does Nick Bourne, like his wannabee Clwyd South Assembly member, Paul Rogers, think money grows on trees?


yoda said...

too posh to shovel over there

Johnstown said...

Its about time Plaid Gwersyllt is recognising that money doesn't grow on trees - is this a sign he is supporting the efforts being made to reduce the deficit? And is Plaid Gwersyllt is arguing finance should be put before health and safety.

It appears to me that the Conservatives are merely identifying what they see as priorities. Highway maintenance is an important issue for people in Wales. Councils should budget appropriately for severe weather and WAG need to support councils in ensuring resources exist.

With regards to the big society is not about replacing what is a statutory obligation. The big society has existed for years - the Conservatives and Lib Dems are merely trying to move away from the dependancy culture.

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

Point 1 - I support budget reduction OR a fairer tax system. I don't condone waste but neither do I believe in cutbacks so severe that is to the detriment of the most vulnerable, something the CON DEMS are guilty of...period.

Point 2 - Road clearance and maintanance has increased allocation of budget in Wrecsam + extra money from WG for salt. It still needs prioritising. Are roads and pavements in Crughywel a priority? They are not in Gwersyllt!

Point 3 - Despite having a Big Society at the heart of their master plan the Tories have not espoused how it will work. Clearly Bourne and Rogers are clueless about it as they advocate increasing the size of the state.

Point 4 - Ring fencing Health budget decreases money for other projects in LG how do the Tories reconcile that one?