Thursday, 13 January 2011

Racecourse latest: Transparency and honesty please

Plaid's Assembly candidate for Wrecsam Marc Jones has called for "transparency" and "honesty" from Wrexham Football Club's owners Geoff Moss and Ian Roberts.
He was responding to news that the Racecourse Ground had been put up as security on a loan by the Rugby Football League to the Crusaders rugby league team. The agreement between Wrexham FC (2006) Ltd and the Rugby Football League was lodged at Companies House on Christmas Eve and has only now become public thanks to research by fans.
It is not clear whether the charge on The Racecourse was a condition of the Crusaders coming out of administration.
Mr Jones said: "The owners, who have 100% control of Wrexham Village, Wrexham FC and the Crusaders, have a duty to be transparent and honest about The Racecourse.
"If there is a logical and sound reason for putting a charge on the ground, then football and rugby fans alike should know about it. If there is a danger that The Racecourse could be lost to the football club, then that is incredibly worrying.
"We should be able to concentrate on the football club pushing for promotion and the Superleague team starting a new season.
"What is concerning many people is the secrecy and lack of transparency about these dealings. I would urge the owners to make clear their intentions and to reassure people in Wrexham about The Racecourse."


Anonymous said...

The owners continue to act with a complete lack of respect for the loyal supporters of the club. Without the backing of the fans and the various supporters associations the current owners would never have been able to take control of the club. Their recent actions are a complete betrayal of the trust placed in them by the supporters and the local council.Owners with a genuine interst in the future of Wrexham fc are desperately needed before it is too late and professional football disappears forever from our town.

Anonymous said...

Good on the current owners in bringing the Crusaders to Wrexham, investing millions in both them and the football club.

Its nice to see that there are businessmen with vision.

Unfortunately Plaid's scaremongering tactics are again are not helping the club. Fans should be getting behind the clubs owners and management in getting back into the football league

Plaid Whitegate said...

@Anon 12:41 - the same kind of unthinking message was being promoted by a minority of fans back in the dark days of Hamilton.
I would like assurances that the owners are putting in more than they're taking out.
I also believe that The Racecourse is too important in its strategic value for Wxm and the entire north to be a plaything for private businessmen. We need community ownership with all interested parties - fans, Glyndwr, council, WAG and others - to push Wxm FC back into the League and Crusaders on to greater success in Superleague.