Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Real sporting heroes

We've all got our sporting heroes - Alan Ball in his white boots was the first to break my heart. Neville Southall who was caked in mud before the first whistle blew, we were all on first-name terms with Gareth, Gerald, JPR and Merv the Swerve. That goal by Mark Hughes at The Racecourse. Likely lads Joey Jones and Mickey Thomas (although Graham Whittle was always my favourite from the 77-78 promotion season). Jinking Shane Williams.
But for proper sporting heroes you have to look a little closer to home.
My kids owe so much to the coaches, managers and organisers who volunteer to brave the wind and rain and snow (and parental criticism) every week to put on sporting events. Thousands of youngsters throughout Wrecsam benefit from their efforts and as parents we can all see what an impact it makes on the development of our kids. I know my two owe a huge amount to the patience and effort of volunteers at Rhosddu Youth FC, Marchwiel Youth FC and Wrexham Rugby as well as karate and boxing trainers.
Before the gimmicky term of "the Big Society" was invented as a cover for Tory-Lib Dem cuts, these people were already volunteering their services. They are like the glue binding our communities and we should never take their work for granted.


Anonymous said...

What a stupid argument! To suggest the Conservatives don't recognise the work volunteers have been doing is nonsense.

Big Society is a new model of community development, maybe you should carry out some research into Big Society and the tools which are being given to some parts of the United Kingdom to lead community regeneration.

One Nation Tory said...

Show me a Tory who does any voluntary work. Does anybody know what the Big Society looks like? No and neither do the Tories. There is community regeneration going on now Caia Park Partnership being the best example and Caia Park Communities First being the worst example. Why does Tory boy Rogers not tell us on his blog how the Big Society works instead of nicking everybody else's work.

History Guy said...

Why what work has he nicked?

Seems to be working quite hard and quite proactive on a number of issues.

Anonymous said...


Some ideas about the big society are on their website. Interesting how they are developing participatory budgeting which hasn't really taken off in some parts of Wales.

Plaid Whitegate said...

If workers' cooperatives are such a good model for the public sector (which they are), why don't the Tories advocate them for the private sector too? The Big Society is just a clever cover for the privatisation of public services by this coalition of broken promises.

By the way, I clicked on the Big Society Bank link and it's broken. Or maybe just broke.