Saturday, 8 January 2011

Tories looking after their mates!

No its not big business this time but the monarchy. Yes Cameron has managed to slip in a piece into legislation that exempts the Royal Family from the Freedom of Information Act and public scrutiny.

This will prevent us seeing correspondence that the Royals AND their representatives send to Ministers seeking to influence policy; in fact any correspondence which will have the slightest connection to the Royal Family will be protected and will not have to be disclosed.

Personally I think this is a bloody disgrace and who the hell do the monarchy and their supporters think they are subverting the transparency of government and democratic decision making.

This is yet another example of the Tory elite in this country protecting the monarchy...don't anybody say to me that we are a classless society.

This further begs the question what is that elitist Lib Dem leader doing about all this?, he's the one who got elected on the back of libertarian principles of civil rights and open transparent government. It seems that this is another U turn by Nick Clegg or a case of Cameron and Osborne simply ignoring him!

We shouldn't be letting things like this pass without some form of direct action and perhaps those great campaigners #ukuncut, fancy a sit in at Windsor Castle...or Balmoral would be nicer still!

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MH said...

All the more serious because the Black Spider is notoroius for abusing his position by seeking to influence political decisions.

The whole point of FoI is for us to know how political decisions have been influenced. If the ConDems get their way on this, our only hope of finding out will be for Julian Assange's cousin to get a job as a footman.