Thursday, 6 January 2011

Tory tries to have it both ways

Is the Tory councillor who is demanding that the Welsh Assembly Government spends more money on potholes in any way related to the Brymbo Tory who wants to cut WAG's funding for Wrecsam council by £4.4m? I think we should be told.


johnstown said...

Wrexham Council could save millions by driving out waste and I am sure they could find an extra 4 million!

Plaid whitegate - do you support your party's plan to cut road maintenance funding by 90%?

These are Labour-Plaid decisions in Cardiff so maybe plaid whitegate will ask ieuan wyn Jones to reconsider? There are alternative savings

Iolo Morganwg said...

johnstown, you are quite correct, there are alternatives. And the Tory choice is to ring-fence NHS but make deeper cuts elsewhere - including the roads and local gov budgets. You cannot keep calling for increased spending on one hand and call for cuts in the same budgets on the other.

It seems that Tory hypocrisy is spreading from Anglesey to other places.

Plaid Whitegate said...

Johnstown - Wxm Council is already making savings of £5m in the coming financial year. Do you advocate closing leisure centres or libraries to save the additional £4m extra the Tories would have cut?

There is a fundamental choice to be made in local government - and that's about delivering what services the community needs.

To do that, you have to have enough money to pay for it. That budget is not forthcoming from the UK government via the Welsh Assembly Government, which cannot raise its own finances.

So either you cut your cloth accordingly or challenge that orthodoxy by setting a needs-based budget. If Johnstown is suggesting that the road maintenance funding should be maintained at its present levels - and it's a fair argument - he/she should be arguing for a needs-based budget. That was the policy of the Labour Liverpool council in the mid-1980s, which challenged Thatcher.

Anonymous said...

Iolo - The assembly government needs to do more to drive out waste. The assembly is also wasting money on pet projects such as the North South air service, funding half baked refurbishment of train carriages (which the Welsh Government does not own and Arriva Trains Wales should pay for!)

Whitegate - Quite agree it should be needs based arrangement. Wrexham Council could make significant savings by reviewing funding for discretionary services such as Caia Park Partnership, The Venture and Gwenfro Valley. Services afforded to some deprived parts of Wrexham but not others! You could even look at reducing funding to the Stiwt in Rhos which oozes money without having major impact on Wrexham's culture?

By doing things differently - as the Conservatives are proposing could save both councils and WAG millions.

Plaid Whitegate said...

Plaid recently proposed that when the rail franchise runs out (2017?), it should be run as a public enterprise rather than be milked for profit as it is currently. That would free up millions of pounds per year for further investment.

Re Caia Park Partnership - funding from WCBC is constantly being reviewed and has been reduced significantly already. It will further reduce in coming years because it is generating its own income through a variety of social enterprises. I'm confident that what they're delivering there is good value for money. Anyone who has read this blog will know that that can't be said of all the agencies operating in Caia Park.

Anon is a Tory - so can I take it that he/she is proposing to close the Stiwt? Well, nobody votes Tory in Rhos anyway!

I'm all for doing things differently - how about your tax avoiding chancellor paying his bloody taxes like the rest of us? Or making sure Vodaphone and other big corporations don't avoid paying their taxes? Or stopping Trident?

Jac O'Rose said...

Re the pot-holes,- ironically linked to Rhos, - in January 2010 no less a person than Boris Johnson actually blamed Maggie Thatcher for making it too easy for the utilities to dig up rooads, - leading to serious problems! How many problems emanated from that bovine lady!!!Re the Stiwt - well one would not expect the slightest grain of culture from a Tory.The only music they recognise is the hunting horn from the back of a horse when a fox is sighted!
By the way, - the £11000 Gideon Osborne spent in one week skiing would have kept the stiwt going for a long time!

Pant said...

Not all tories can be branded as lacking culture. I found out the other day that David Jones MP for Clwyd West was brought up in Rhos. He is doing a good job as a Minister of State for Wales.

On another issue I read somewhere that the stiwt gets thousands of pounds spent on it every year and they keep asking to be bailed out by Wrexham Council? Someone should look at this history on this.