Thursday, 27 January 2011

We are not inferior!

Paul Matthews a so called Welsh businessman living in Newbridge, Gwent, and a spokesman on business for True Wales doesn't believe the Welsh people are competent to run their own affairs, he believes we are inferior. In fact what Mr Matthews comments suggests is that he himself is lacking in self esteem and self confidence.

However Geraint Talfan Davies writing in Click on Wales, the Institute of Welsh Affairs news magazine demolishes Mr Matthews's arguments in pretty spectacular fashion:
Paul Matthews, a business spokesman for True Wales, the group campaigning against full law-making powers for the National Assembly, has told the online business magazine, Wales Insider, that people in Wales do not have the abilities needed for full law-making powers. He is quoted as saying, “I am a Welsh person. We’re not the most innovative or creative, and very often those that are, move out of Wales.”

In one short sentence he has stated the most concise case for law-making powers. His depressing thought, if turned into public policy, points Wales down the shortest route to the knacker’s yard.

It is a wonderful rallying cry: Vote No on 3 March in favour of the congenital inferiority of Welsh people, Vote No if you think Welsh people cannot do what the English, Scots and Northern Irish are allowed to do, Vote No if you think Wales doesn’t have two ideas to rub together, Vote No if you really believe there is no hope, Vote No if you would rather leave, Vote No if you think this is how you want it to be, for ever and ever, Amen.

On behalf of all those creative people who have put Wales on the stages of the world, on behalf of all those who have contributed to our literature, music and art, to politics and government, to the history of working people, to cooperative ideas, to scientific advance, and to business, thank you, Mr Matthews, for clarifying the choice.

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