Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Welsh school campaigners ‘overjoyed’ at verdict

This is how the Leader reported on last night's Planning Committee meeting which granted outline planning permission for a new Welsh School in Delamere Avenue, Gwersyllt.
CAMPAIGNERS calling for another Welsh language school to be built in Wrexham notched up an important victory last night.

Members of Wrexham Council’s planning committee voted in favour of giving outline permission for the scheme on land at Alyn Waters Park and Gwersyllt Park, Delamere Avenue, Gwersyllt.

Speaking after the meeting one of the driving forces behind the campaign,
Gwersyllt West councillor Arfon Jones, said he was delighted.

“I am absolutely overjoyed. There has been so much hard effort put in by so many people to reach this stage,” said Cllr Jones.

“Obviously there is still a great deal of work to be done, but this is a very important step forward. This school is designed to meet the demand which is there.”

There has been a large amount of controversy over the plans, with strong views expressed both for and against building the school.

There was a packed public gallery at last night’s meeting held at the Guildhall and many visitors applauded the final decision of the committee.

A report by Wrexham Council’s chief planning officer Lawrence Isted highlighted the issues that protesters and supporters of the school had put forward.

The list of objections included impact on wildlife, traffic generation causing an impact on highway safety, increase in on-street parking, the land is outside the settlement limit, lack of adequate consultation with residents and suggestions that another area of Wrexham should be used.

Among issues which supporters of the project raised were a big demand for Welsh medium education in Gwersyllt, the school would be a valuable asset for the village, the site was served by existing public transport links and the school would help to improve educational facilities in Gwersyllt.

In his report Mr Isted wrote: “On balance I consider the need and justification put forward for a new Welsh medium school in this location overrides existing UDP
(Unitary Development Plan) policies.”


Anonymous said...

Great news for the people of Gwersyllt and a sign of the growing desire of the parents to give their children opportunities most of them were never fortunate to have.

D Evans said...

Llongyfarchiadau, da iawn! Arfon Jones, a Welsh hero.

Rhobet Williams said...

Roedd fy nhaid Emlyn Edwards yn byw yn 3 Maes y Coed, Gwersyllt.
Roedd ef yn ddiacon yn yr hen gapel Cymraeg 'Moriah' ar New Road, Rhosddu. Mae ef yn dal i sefyll fel adeilad cyn i'r ffordd fynd dros y ffordd osgoi Wrecsam. Cymro Cymraeg cryf o Fwlchgwyn a glöwr oedd fy nhaid. Ond collodd y capel ei gymreictod, nid capel Cymraeg yw ef heddiw ond capel Saesneg dan enw gwahanol.

Llongyfarchiadau Arfon!

Anonymous said...

Councillor David Griffiths who led the opposition to this Welsh School claims he is not anti Welsh but then says its pointless having a Welsh schhol because the language will be dead by the end of the century. I'm not racist but ...!

Anonymous said...

Michael Williams who opposes the Welsh School sent his son Rhys to Bodhyfryd and Morgan Llwyd from where he went to Oxford. Fucking hypocrit is happy for his child to enjoy a quality education but to deny it to others.

Anonymous said...

Learn to spell you twat

Alwyn Humphreys Rhos said...

Contrary to the lies posted on this site some months ago, that I opposed the new Welsh school in Gwersyllt, may I be allowed to express my delight at the new development.I hope Gwersyllt will be the first of numerous such developments.
As the father of three children, of a non-Welsh-speaking mother, each of whom were educated via the medium of Welsh,- Bodhyfryd(thank you Arwel Gwynne Jones)and Ysgol Morgan Llwyd,- as with countless other families, - each have graduated at English Universities.
Where's the problem?
When councillors representing corrupt and dated Political Parties maintain the Welsh language is dead, - it merely proves their intrinsic prejudice, myopia and bankrupt vision.
I would however wish to appeal to the administrators of this blog to review the policy of allowing 'anonymous' comments and particularly foul language, from spineless individuals, who's personal insecurities mean they need to hide their face behind anonymity.They are utter cowards.
This blog I feel has matured to be a credible, social focal point.
To have these 'anonymous' foul-mouthed morons denigrate its function and value in the community is no longer tolerable.

Anonymous said...

...and so speaks the great Alwyn Humphreys,member of the Nu Labour know the party I am talking about...the one that destroyed union rights and civil liberties,the one that invaded Iraq and Afghanistan murdering hundreds of thousands of people,the one that sucked up to big business and the banks then bailed them out when casino capitalism took a nose dive..yep this is the party Mr humper is a member of...I wouldn't say he has got the morasl high ground on here,in fact more to the point he has no morality whatsover only the gobshite ramblings of an autocratic temprement.
gareth pugh