Sunday, 13 February 2011

Alex's War Chest

It was great to read in the Scotland on Sunday today, that Brian Souter the multi millionaire co-founder of Stagecoach is 'bankrolling' the SNP's Scottish Parliament campaign to the tune of half a million pounds. For every pound the SNP receives Mr Souter will match fund it up to £500,000. In a statement, Mr Souter said:
"I am offering to match the giving of other members and friends of the SNP pound for pound up to a total of £500,000.

"Alex Salmond and his team have run a professional administration at Holyrood for the last four years and freezing the council tax has benefited every Scottish family by more than £300 per year.

"Furthermore, they have delivered most of their promises despite being a minority government."

"I believe Alex deserves another kick of the ball and as we face challenging times we need the type of strong leadership he has demonstrated."

Scotland deserve another four years of Alex Salmond; and the election of the un-inspiring Iain Gray as First Minister would be an unmitigated disaster for the Scottish economy.

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