Saturday, 19 February 2011

Cutting their nose to spite their face!

I've never understood the rationale of Labour supporters voting No in the March 3rd Referendum. Whatever happens after the Assembly Elections on the 5th May, the opinion polls suggest that Labour will be the largest party in the Assembly and will form a government either on their own or in coalition. Whatever form it will take, a Yes vote will make it a lot quicker and less bureaucratic to legislate so one would have expected grass roots Labour to overwhelmingly support a Yes vote.

So why do Labour vote No? I can't answer for the rest of Wales but a Labour 'insider'in Wrecsam have told us that the four Labour Councillors who attended the infamous No launch are voting No because of their 'hatred' of Plaid Cymru whom they perceive as leading the Yes campaign.

This is supported by an article in the Daily Post on the 9th February, where it says (quote):
A statement signed by Ted George, Paul Blackwell, Neil Rogers and Mike Williams said, "We believe that Labour's decision to accept a demand from Plaid Cymru a referendum on increased law making powers as a condition of forming the coalition in 2007 was wrong. We are convinced that Plaid's motive for this was to drive forward its agenda on independence for Wales, a potentially disastrous for the economy of this great nation if it ever came about."

I wonder what's changed since November's Full Council when two of these Labour Councillors supported the Plaid Cymru motion to back a Yes vote?

It seems that the only reason that these four Councillors support a No vote is that they are putting narrow partisan interests before the interests of the people of Wales who deserve a more efficient system of governance. They are cutting their noses to spite their faces.


Dennis Jones said...

So these four Labour members actually supported the council motion to back a Yes vote. Then attended the "public" no launch? Do the people of Wrexham actually know the kind of flip-flopping bunch of muppets they have as councillors? That is unbelievable. But knowing how petty and tribal some Labour people can be, it's sadly all too believable.

Anonymous said...

Sounds as though they change their minds as often as they change their socks.

Anonymous said...

Fib dems like fib wynn are just as bad, going against party policy because he fears plaid. If I was u I'd take it as a compliment. They don't like what your doing and they're rattled. Let's hope we get a big yes vote locally to show them up.

Realist said...

This article is a stunningly shallow analysis.

Good legislation alway takes time. If something is worth doing then do it well no matter how long it takes, relax.

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

In the 3 years I took for Ann Jones's LCO on sprinklers to become law, 63 people die in house fires in Wales. I rest my case.

Jac O' Rose said...

Four Labour Councillors seem to want to vote 'no.' What level of influence do they have,- they MOST CERTAINLY do not represent the grass roots of the LP I suspect?In a democracy they are entitled to their opinions however wrong others may feel they are.The clearest fact of all remains that they are merely four. Only.How many of them speak welsh? That may give an indication as to perhaps genetic background's relevance to their 'Welshness,' Lets not expect a sow that farrows in a stable to have foals! But equally - they have a right to their views.Ironically, had they read Lord Dafydd Ellis Thomas' comments of recent weeks,their
'fears' re. independence would have been alleviated by his predictions. But there again, vermin in ermine have only one attribute, - the ermine.Plaid Gwersyllt is spot on in his rationale!

Anonymous said...

You are quite right Jac, they are only 4 out of 12 Labour Councillors and some Labour Councillors are actively supporting a Yes vote as do the 2AM's and 2MP's for this area. The 4 rebel Councillors which include the Leader and Deputy Leader are out on a limb. Let's hope the sensible wing of Wrexham CLP oust them sooner than later. Under the present leadership they are not fit to govern.

Anonymous said...

PG says:-

"In the 3 years I took for Ann Jones's LCO on sprinklers to become law, 63 people die in house fires in Wales. I rest my case."

Completely specious argument. The delay was in Cardiff not Westminster.