Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Do the Tories want an elected mayor for Wrecsam?

I only ask the question because the Tory Assembly candidate for Wrecsam Dr John Marek organised a meeting at the Memorial Hall today. Only six people turned up to discuss his proposal for an elected mayor for Wrecsam, who would have direct powers on spending the council's budget.
Of those who turned up, four were - to be polite - hostile to the idea and certainly not supporters of Dr Marek or the Tories.
It seems Dr Marek is struggling to get his own party's faithful out to back his campaign.

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Ieuan said...

Actually six is an exaggeration.There were never more than four at a time unless you count John Marek and the man from the Leader. However we did get a promise from John Marek that he would not stand under any circumstances, but I felt that I had to point out that his record did not fill us with confidence on this.