Wednesday, 9 February 2011

How does this work?

At the launch of the No campaign at Wrecsam yesterday, Tory Councillor Paul Rogers for Brymbo and wannabee Conservative AM for Clwyd South was quoted in the Leader as saying,
"I will be voting No. I believe in devolution but real devolution in local communities and councils."

Now I don't know if anyone else follows the gist of the argument but it seems to go something like, 'We can only have real devolution locally if we stop real devolution nationally.'

Now how exactly does that work? Can I suggest this as a hypothetical example:
The Welsh Assembly desires to pass responsibility for a certain service onto Local Authorities in Wales (as they do on a regular basis). Although they already have devolved responsibility for the subject matter, the particular detail needs 'mother's' consent. The National assembly frame the Legislative Competency Order and agree it, they then send it to Westminster for the Commons, the Lords and the Queen to have a look at it. Three years later they send it back to the Assembly with a 'pat on the head' for being so patient. Then it becomes law and local authorities implement it.

Is that what Paul Rogers calls 'real devolution.'? Justice delayed is justice denied.


4th Gunman said...

Paul Rogers has hit the nail on the head. Less centralisation by Cardiff and more power to communities is needed.

This top down approach of WAG does not work.

Anonymous said...

4th Gunman

funny how people are very keen on local democracy when it is seen as a stick to beat the Assembly (who have implemented less cuts in local authority spending than that in England). Funny how these people and parties never devolve power to councils when they have the power.

Sorry, but I'd rather give more power to my dog than to my local authority which is full of old councillors who are only there because they know how to get past the planning rules to build new bungalows.

4th Gunman said...

Plaid are very quiet about the announcement by George Osborne for super fast broadband for the Llyn Peninsula or the new jobs created at JCB. Could it be because Ieuan was shedding a tear on tv?

In the Leader today it says George Osborne visited JCB with Paul Rogers confirmed here on his website

Its a shame Plaid ministers don't do more for manufacturing in Wales.

Y Mul go gul. said...

Let's have a little bit of fairness and understanding going here! It is heartening to know that Cllr Rogers(How's 'Trigger' by the way?)has at last learned to speak.I have wondered for years if he's escaped from some Monastery where they practised vows of silence, and he'd forgotten he'd escaped? - as he often does 20mins after clocking into council meetings it appears?

Reg said...

Leave Mr Rogers alone.
Looks like bit of probs in Labour camp to i heard over diner, - some local preema dona facing suspension for somwthing.politics is full of it these days.who cares.

M Zion said...

Cllr Rogers is actually very vocal in when attending community and public meetings. I was very impressed when he rallied against the proposed travellers site in Brymbo and Chirk.

Anonymous said...

Well quite frankly Wrexham Council is a shambles, poor turnouts at scrutiny meetings and dinosaurs who hold back progress.

Rogers does a great job and its only a matter of time before we have more young people elected who are willing to listen to the people they represent.

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

Rogers failed to turn up to 2 important Scrutiny Committees today and no apologies. Also it was Carrie Harper that moved the motion to remove the Brymbo and Chirk gypsy sites at the Planning committee stage.

Y Mul go Gul said...

Rogers like his mentor the articulate,the intellectually superior and oratorial master John Bell has learned superb skills for cutting and pasting from the Tory top shelf mags.His superior intellect and marketing perception was so so evident on his website,he totally ignored the Welsh population in the electorate he purports to want to serve? Masterful Tory arrogance! Cloud cuckoo land!

Anonymous said...

Trigger was absent from a big Police meeting yesterday! Pillock

Today the guy who winds the teddy up John Broughton (UKIP) was debating referendum issues with Lesley G and Roger Lewis...wasn't as bad as Len Gibbs but pretty clueless!!

Realist said...

Anonymous lacks facts but then what would one expect here?

Llanarmon Lad said...

Plaid are a bit hypocritical talking about anyones attendance records.

Councillor Harper rarely turns up to housing scrutiny meetings however has the cheek to whinge in the press about council housing all the time.

Marc's attendance records at Children and Young People Scrutiny aren't great either.

With very slim majorities I think Labour will oust them next year. Lets drink to that!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Plaid Councillor Marc Jones will have to find a real job soon so wont be able to attend as many meetings.

Plaid Whitegate said...

Get the feeling that cages have been rattled? If only these anonymous posters had the guts to come out in public.

Anonymous said...

You cant expect Trigger to come out publicly, he won't face you either, he's got no bottle, doesn't like confrontation.