Monday, 21 February 2011

Re-structure of the North Wales Police.

I understand that North Wales Police have decided on their new command structure to be introduced in May to support the ten new districts and however many response hubs there will be. To be fair to NWP they have consulted on the new districts and response hubs...with Councillors at least; not too sure of the rest of the public who will pay 4% in Band D precept this year.

One thing that NWP have not consulted upon or even discussed with anyone is the new Command structure, where the old geographical Basic Command Units coterminous with local authority areas will disappear to be replaced with a 'functional command model' based forcewide. What this means in effect is that the Chief Superintendents and Superintendents locally based will now be based at the centre but will have specific forcewide responsibility. For example Superintendent Neill Anderson currently Divisional Commander in Eastern Division with responsibility for Flintshire and Wrecsam will leave to take 'functional command' of Public Protection Units across the force. This will mean that any serious child protection matter which is currently being dealt with locally by the Detective Chief Inspector will soon be dealt with by Mr Anderson in Colwyn Bay or St Asaph, who has not only got responsibility for Wrecsam, but the five other local authorities as well.

This will mean less LOCAL accountability and will make partnership working difficult to manage because of the sheer size and bureaucracies of partnerships and subsequently relations between public services will suffer.

This is yet another centralisation that has been allowed to happen right under the noses of the Tory led coalition in Westminster, where were Guto Bebb and David Jones?

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