Thursday, 17 February 2011

There's something about Wrexham FC...

... that attracts some of the most unpleasant businessmen to try to run it.

The likes of Hamilton and Guterman are well known, as is Andy Smith (who tried to sell plots of swampland to householders). The news that Stevie Vaughan, a convicted fraudster and the man who took Chester City FC to the brink of extinction, was behind a recent bid was another bleak moment.

Now we have Steve Cleeve, who has the good grace to look like a pantomime villain as well. He was at the Crawley game sitting between Ian Roberts and Geoff Moss, the current owners, in the director's box on Tuesday night, as this excellent piece of investigative journalism reveals.

His murky business past deserves full exposure.
He was banned from being a company director for eight years in 2000 for his part in a £60m whisky investment fraud. The BBC has exposed his company in 2006 for trying to sell plots of land with no planning permission for potential housebuilders. The man is so unpopular that even UKIP, the home for political fruitcakes, kicked him out.
The man also has a similar track record in Australia, where attacked an investigative journalist who exposed him (see 2:24 on this TV programme).

No-one with Wrexham FC's interest at heart would entertain this man in the director's box. Wrexham fans have done their due diligence in exposing his murky past, isn't it about time the current owners did the same?
The sooner the Racecourse and football club is out of the reaches of predators like this, the better. We urgently need a community-run club that can get behind Dean Saunders and the team to win promotion.


Anonymous said...

It seems the current owners are prepared to offload the club to any Tom Dick or Harry now they have their sticky fingers on the land. The question is whether they used (abused) the good will of the fans and the local council in the first place in order to line their already bulging pockets, or acted in good faith. The jury is still out on that, but the verdict looks damningly clear.

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

What a cracking expose! Hope the Leader and the Daily Post pick up on this.

Plaid Whitegate said...

It's all on Red Passion - fantastic work by the fans.

Jim Fiddler said...

What's that saying? Wouldn't like to meet him on a dark night in adark alley........looks like he's already lurking.

Anonymous said...

He looks a slime ball