Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Wrexham mini-referendum says 'No' to city status

Nine out of 10 people who voted in a mini-referendum on Wrexham having city status were against the idea.

The survey, carried out by Plaid Cymru councillors and their supporters earlier this week, found that 87% of people voted "no" to city status. In just an hour and a half, the street survey had the opinions of almost 400 people in a mini referendum held in Wrecsam town centre on Monday. For the organisers this came as no surprise.

Plaid Cymru councillor for Whitegate Marc Jones said:
"The council is asking people to take part in an online survey on this matter, but that won't reach everyone. So we wanted to find out what people on the street thought.

"Having listened to people in my ward over the past few weeks, this is no shock result. The only surprise was the margin of the 'no' vote.

"This mini-referendum only reaffirms what a recent newspaper poll demonstrated, that the majority of people in Wrexham are against the council putting in a bid at a cost of £20,000. What was interesting about the mini-referendum was the strength of feeling against city status.

"Many people were passionate that Wrexham is their town and that it should remain a town. I think the success of our mini-referendum also goes to show that genuine consultation does not have to cost a penny and can be very effective, providing the will is there to do it. We simply asked people to fill in a survey with their name and address and to list a yes or no view. We will now ensure the results are passed to the council."

Queensway councillor Carrie Harper, who was also involved in the street poll, added:
"Unlike the council's online survey, which has a blatant city status message, we did not push an argument one way or the other and simply asked people what they thought. They were very quick to tell us in their hundreds that it was a definite no.

"Many expressed conerns that the council would simply ignore their views and go ahead anyway. If that were to happen I do not think it would be a very wise move at all. Council leader Aled Roberts had said this decision would be made according to local opinion and we will certainly be arguing that they should stick to that promise."

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