Monday, 21 March 2011

All the fun of the hustings

Wrecsam will see at least four hustings - Question Time-style meetings featuring all four candidates in the Assembly elections in front of an audience. They promise to be a real opportunity for voters to put the issues that concern them directly to the candidates and it will be interesting to see what those key concerns are.
The first is this Friday in Yale College before a few hundred students. Last year's event proved to be fairly lively with the students cheering on some answers and losing the will to live as Tory John Marek clashed repeatedly with Labour's Ian Lucas. Bickered is probably a more accurate term, as the two patently despise each other.
Much the same can be said for Dr Marek's relationship with Labour's AM for Wrecsam Lesley Griffiths, who refused to share a platform with him during the Yes referendum campaign and used to be his secretary.

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Anonymous said...

Is Paul Rogers going to appear on any hustings oe will it be his Lord Protector, Mark Isherwood that will appear on his behalf? You can well understand Tory High Command wanting to hide their weaker candidates away.