Monday, 28 March 2011

Elections in Wales!

It would appear that 2014 will be the only year for a while when we won't have an election.

In 2012 we will have council elections, 2013 European elections, 2015 a Westminster General election and in 2016 Welsh Parliament and local elections on the same day!

It's not only the sheer number of elections that we seem to have but the number of ballots held on the particular day. Let's take the 5th of May as an example where there will be three ballot papers, a Welsh Assembly constituency ballot a Welsh Assembly Regional ballot and an AV referendum ballot.

It will be even worse in 2016 when we will have potentially 4 ballot papers; Assembly constituency, Assembly Regional, Unitary Authority ballot and possibly Community Council ballot.

An added complication is the fact that not everyone can vote in each election, take for example EU migrant workers; they can vote in Welsh Assembly, County Council, Community Council and European elections but they can't vote in a Westminster election or the AV referendum.

On the 5th May 2011, we will have a situation in all constituencies where some electors will be given 2 ballot papers and others 3 papers; and as if this isn't confusing enough the Boundaries Commission will review Westminster boundaries and Local Authority ward boundaries sometime between now and 2016.

The Lib Dems in Government have a lot to answer for!

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