Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Lib Dem Hypocrisy!

Bill Brereton is the Liberal Democrat Assembly candidate for Wrecsam having previously fought Delyn for them. Bill was also 'campaign manager' for Tom Rippeth in Wrecsam last May. Not only did the Lib Dems nationally produce some 'dodgy' leaflets with even 'dodgier' graphs but they did the same in Wrecsam. It seems that Bill who is a leading campaigner for the Yes AV referendum has been upset by comments made by the No2AV campaign. He tweeted on it a few days ago:
#No2AV hit a new low this week. Take action right now to demand decent and truthful advertising: #Yes2AV @yesinmay

I must say I was surprised at Bill demanding 'decent and truthfull advertising' and I'm sure that we in Plaid Cymru will be monitoring Bill's Assembly election leaflet to ensure that they are truthful and decent.

I'm sure that what No2AV said is no worse than what a certain Liberal Democrat Councillor on Wrecsam CBC said about the Yes for Wales campaign and its supporters.

It's a shame that Bill doesn't follow his party's lead and campaign for a Yes for Wales vote with the same vigour as he does for a Yes to AV vote.

UPDATE - The Councillor referred to above is Phil Wynn who apparently is no longer a member of the Liberal Democrats but he remains part of the Lib Dem Alliance on Wrecsam Council until the AGM in May, when he may fly elsewhere...the Tories perhaps?


Plaid Gwersyllt said...

I forgot to say Bill Brereton was Deputy Chief Constable of North Wales Police and 'finally' promoted me to the dizzying rank of Inspector!

Anonymous said...

Phil Wynn has quit the Fib Dems so will be be teaming up with his new buddy and Booth fan John Maverick in the Tories?

Anonymous said...

Has he really, they've kept that quiet. Change in balance of power in AGM in May then, less Executive Board seats for the Fib Dem group then, bye bye Joan Lowe.