Wednesday, 9 March 2011

London parties ignore people's voice on city status

The controversial decision to support Wrecsam's bid for city status in the face of unanimous opposition from all those questioned has been condemned by Plaid Cymru councillors.

Plaid group leader Marc Jones said:
"The Executive Board voted 7-2 to press ahead with the doomed bid for city status, despite deferring the decision last month to allow for a consultation with people in the borough. That consultation revealed a clear majority against, as did soundings with young people, community councils and our own street referendum.

"Despite this, representatives for Labour, Tories and Liberal Democrats all backed the city status bid and ignored the democratic views of the people. Why commission a poll if you then ignore it?"

He slammed those parties for failing to respect the majority view:
"One of the reasons people are so sceptical about city status is that certain politicians are so passionately in favour. The Westminster expenses scandal showed there is a huge cynicism about the political elite generally because they are so removed from day-to-day reality and this decision will only feed that perception.

"We were told city status would bring benefits to the council but this vote will rebound on those who voted in favour. The decision to go against the democratic vote will cost the council a great deal in terms of goodwill, credibility and trust locally. The only people who emerged from that decision with their credibility intact were Plaid's representative on the board Arfon Jones and independent councillor Dave Bithell (who both voted against) and Mark Pritchard, who abstained because he accepted the people's views."

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