Sunday, 27 March 2011

Marching against the cuts

More than 500,000 marched against the cuts in London yesterday, including many from Wrecsam. The sheer size of the march was reminiscent of the anti-war march in 2003 with huge contingents of public sector workers from Unison, Unite and the PCS.
There were also lively scenes at Downing Street, where a group of anarchists in a Trojan Horse tried some kind of street theatre. The anger against the Tories and Fib Dems was very real although the sight of a few ancient Labour Party banners stuck in the throat - this was the party that, had they won the last election, would have cut almost as deeply and almost as quickly. This was the party that failed to regulate the bankers and professed to be intensely relaxed about the super rich, to the extent of not taxing them. All that has changed in opposition of course, but people have long memories and won't be fooled by the Miliband makeover.

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