Friday, 18 March 2011

More on intolerant Tories.

Bill and Star Etheridge are Tory activists who were suspended by the Conservative Party following a complaint made about images on Facebook where they were photographed holding two 'golliwog' dollies.

The Facebook group where the images were displayed was to campaign against 'political correctness', and this is what Bill Etheridge had to say about it all:
Forced Out Of The Conservative Party For Not Being Politically Correct

Until today, both myself and my wife were Conservative candidates for the May Council Elections.

I worked as a Campaign Executive in the run up to the last election and am a member of Dudley North and South associations. I am also Chairman of Claverley association.

We are openly Thatcherite and believe in an EU referendum. We also organise the local branch of The Campaign Against Political Correctness.

We received a letter today from Conservative Head office suspending us from the party as our activities with the campaign against PC could be considered to bring the Conservative party into disrepute. The main problem was that we had been pictured holding a toy Gollie

Our response was that a party which stifled free speech and was prepared to discipline members for holding a rag doll was no longer the Conservative party. We have both resigned with immediate effect.

We do not intend to be silenced and will increase our campaigning in favour of Freedom and Against Political Correctness

Oh dear, so the Tory Party hasn't changed then, it is still the same intolerant party of the past.

Who votes for a party like this?


Anonymous said...

Maybe we could see their whole range of 'just ragdolls'. Is their a little hitler or mussloini by any chance, perhaps a child in a miner's overalls? Such inoffensive little items.

There should be an IQ test before being allowed to stand for election.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps, even more importantly, there should be an IQ test before being allowed to comment.

Anon has mixed comparitors and has only a limited grasp of history.

Anonymous said...

dear dear is that all you have to say? speaks volumes

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

Thank you Anon 21:41 for an extremely useful and positive contribution! It is however unclear what you refer to, the blog or the postings?