Tuesday, 29 March 2011

PFI and Labour hypocrisy

Labour MP for Clwyd South Susan Elan Jones has a rather desperate go at Plaid Cymru on Wales Home, specifically attacking its new not-for-profit investment in jobs and apprenticeships as "PFI, pure and simple". Such a Private Finance Initiative - a glorified HP scheme for the public sector that involves private companies making a fortune - would be a bad thing of course.

So surely Susan Elan Jones would have been opposed to PFI in all its other manifestations. Such as the PFI scheme for the Aylesbury estate in Southwark, where she was a Labour councillor until 2010? Labour didn't invent PFI, the Tories did. But Brown and Blair took up the PFI idea with such enthusiasm that many consider to be a Labour policy.

Next time Labour want to send out the attack dogs, try to find one with some teeth.


Anonymous said...

Could she be concerned that Labour votes may ooze to Plaid making the seat very vulnerable indeed?

Everything is to play for in Clwyd South. Both Plaid and the Tories working hard to make inroads in this seat.

jimbo said...

Sinclair only squeezed in with a third of the vote last time. Her replacement is a youngster who doesn't live locally and comes across as a New Labour clone. A collapsing Lib Dem vote may help him but that's as likely to go to Tory or Plaid as Labour.

Anonymous said...

I suspect many Lib Dems will stay at home.

Anonymous said...

Susan played a very low profile during the election campaign. She used that airbrushed photo on her literature rather than use on which is more up to date and accurate of her appearance.

Had she been more visible during the general election campaign residents of Clwyd South would have had second thought's about voting for her? Maybe this is Skates' plan too, he looks like a dodgy salesman.