Monday, 7 March 2011

Politics South Kerry style!

South Kerry's, 'sugar daddy' Jackie Healy-Rae, so named for his success in bringing home the 'pork barrels' to his constituency, retired from the Dáil Éireann this year; only to be replaced by his son Michael, thus leaving a vacancy on Kerry County Council, where Jackie's other son Danny continues to serve.

It would seem that even at 80 years of age Jackie still hasn't given up on politics and is planning on making a return to the County Council by being co-opted by Danny onto the Council.

Incidentally Danny was co-opted when Jackie was elected to Dáil Éireann in 2003.

So another Irish political dynasty continues to thrive but Michael is unlikely to get the concessions from Fine Gael that his father got from Fianna Fail.

I hope that you've followed this little story, but Irish politics is never straight forward, so if you haven't followed it try reading this in the

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menaiblog said...

If you ever visit Killorglin in South Kerry, go for a pint in The Kingdom. There's something that looks pretty much like a shrine to the Healy-Raes in one corner of the lounge, complete with photos of various members of the family & various memorabelia, candles etc. I took a photo - I'll have a rummage when I have the time & post it to you. You can put it up on your blog if you like.

(Sori wedi defnyddio'r cyfri anghywir i bostio y tro diwethaf)