Sunday, 13 March 2011


Paul Williams the prospective Tory Assembly candidate for Ynys Mon never misses an opportunity to make partisan and unwarranted attacks on the Deputy First Minister and his officers on his Druid blog. This week he attacks Ieuan Wyn Jones regarding the lack of opportunities for local Welsh companies to tender for public work contracts citing the building of the Welsh Government building in Llandudno Junction as a case in point with Pochin having been awarded that particular contract.

As always the Druid is somewhat off the mark a point picked up by Iolo in his excellent blog, "Own Goal from Druid" where he demolishes the arguments presented by Williams and explains in great detail the sub contracts and local employment opportunities arising out of the Llandudno Junction project.

Whilst I am no expert on procurement I am aware of great efforts made by Ieuan's, Jane Davidson and Jane Hutt's officers to draw up a 'procurement framework' for renewable energy tenders i.e photovoltaic panels, where 'local' SME's were given greater opportunities to tender. This project has now been delayed following complaints that the framework was 'uncompetitive.' The complaints were allegedly made by large multinational companies.

What this shows is that the governmental will to help local SME's in Wales, is there; but that the legislation is not geared up towards local procurement. The really difficult question is who is responsible for changing legislation in respect of procurement, is it Westminster or Cardiff?


Anonymous said...

Procurement is in Jane Hutts portfolio anyway,

Anonymous said...

Jones Bros of Ruthin got the Portmadoc bypass contract and do they employ local sub contractors? I don't believe so.

Anonymous said...

"demolishes the arguments"?

is Pochins a local company?

where do its profits go?

Anonymous said...

Jane Hutt has created a mess regarding SMEs and procurement due to her procurement board. She's had a lot of stick about it and IWJs department had to step in to sort it out. There would have been no business voice in the new procurement structure otherwise.

I wish people would check out the fact before blogging!!

Anonymous said...

IWJ simply doesn't understand economic development - all you have to do is read his creation - ERP; Dylan Jones-Evans has much to say on effective regeneration - see his blog.

IWJ is out of his depth in government. His single contribution to Wales being the flying elephant which costs the rest of us an absolute fortune.

As for Jane Hutt she has proved her incompetence at department after department.

Oh for some talent to be elected to Cardiff.

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

Cegog - I don't claim to be an expert on procurement. All I'm doing is reporting on fact on what happened with the PV Procurement Framework. If you have certain expertise in the field then I suggest you elaborate on that in your own blog.

Anonymous said...

I recently saw young Rogers with the Druid at their conference in Cardiff. Two rising stars for the Conservatives.