Wednesday, 16 March 2011

"Shocking" leaflet from Fib Dems

The Liberal Democrats are shocked. So shocked that the word is in two headlines on their glossy paper "Wrexham Herald" which appeared yesterday.
One "shocking waste" apparently was the north-south express train that didn't stop at Wrecsam ("which only politicians use" - proof please). What a bummer that Ieuan Wyn Jones announced it would be stopping at Wrecsam after all just last week - presumably after the Herald went to press.
The other "shocking waste" is the air link to Anglesey, the UK's most deprived county. Not surprisingly "Local Lib Dem campaigner Aled Roberts" (who's day job is leader of Wrecsam council but best not mention that when you're playing the populist card and attacking politicians and bureaucrats) is outraged at the idea. Not so his Lib Dem colleagues in Anglesey, who like others in that area see it as an important tool in reviving the local economy in the wake of huge job losses.
The Lib Dems also play up the north-south divide in Wales for narrow political advantage as they moan about missing out on investment - ignoring the recent investments in Wrecsam's schools from the Welsh Government.
But while Plaid and Labour are failing in Cardiff, hang on, there's hope for us all... apparently "the Lib Dems are delivering jobs for Wrexham". Mmm, two men standing outside the fence at Sharp factory don't convince me of any jobs boom. We know the Lib Dems in coalition with the Tories (something they forget to mention, naturally) and will be responsible for decimating the public sector in terms of the NHS, local councils and civil servants (such as the tax office and jobcentre). Now that is shocking.

PS The Fib Dems are so concerned about the Welsh economy that they printed their glossy rag in Oxfordshire.

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