Thursday, 3 March 2011

Tory one-man band in the North East?

This afternoon saw Community Housing Cymru's Wrecsam roadshow, where issues surrounding housing, social care and regeneration were discussed.

It was an interesting afternoon and the Q & A was of a high standard with Mark Isherwood (Tory), Bill Brereton (Lib Dem), Ken Skates (Labour) and myself for Plaid. But I'm a little concerned that the Tories seem unable to provide anyone but Mark Isherwood to speak publicly on their behalf in Clwyd South and Wrecsam. Isherwood was also the sole Tory frontman for their non-existent "Yes" campaign in the referendum.

Surely it isn't because they're scared of giving public exposure to the mavericks, Paul Rogers and John Marek?


Plaid Queensway said...

Mark Isherwood was representing the Tories at the Flintshire event as well, no Lib Dem candidate to be seen!

Cilcain Lad said...

I hear Mark Isherwood clearly outperformed the Plaid candidates for Delyn and Wrexham.

After all Plaid haven't really got much to offer on housing. It is a Plaid housing minister who is presiding over Wales housing crisis. I suppose they had to make do with a couple of lightweights.

Isherwood is the Shadow Minister you would expect someone with his calibre to attend hustings in this field.

Plaid Queensway said...

Paul you are so obvious it's amusing. Happy to have a public debate on housing anytime, if you're not too much of a 'light weight' of course.

Anonymous said...

I am really looking forward to the Clwyd South TCC hystings to see little Rogers squirm when he can't answer questions on social justice.