Thursday, 3 March 2011

Vale of Glamorgan.

At a recent full council meeting Wrecsam Councillors decided to freeze their member allowances for another year. Whilst considering the report details were provided of what other Council's were paying their members. The Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales sets maximum allowances that members can claim but many councils do not claim the maximum allowed. One of the Council's that do claim the maximum allowable is Conservative controlled Vale of Glamorgan.

Details of what Councillors in the Vale get are as follows and Wrecsam figures are in brackets after:

Basic Allowance - £13,868 (£12,681)
Leader - £38,139 (£34,597)
Dep Leader - £22,537 (Not Paid)
Lead Members - £17,336 (£6,918)
Chairs of Committees - £9,708 (£6,918)
Leader of opposition - £9,708 (Not paid)

So much for the Tories wanting to make cuts to services and to freeze staff salaries. They are quite happy to rake the maximum allowances in for themselves.

The Tories in the Vale of Glamorgan should take a cut in their member allowances and practice what they preach!

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