Tuesday, 5 April 2011

After the circus: Consultation the key to new charges

Today's executive board meeting saw an element of the Stephanie Booth circus roll into town, complete with TV camera crew (how quaint, by the way, to see a sound engineer being used these days). Despite not being affected by proposed parking changes as the Wynnstay has a large private car park for residents, she had compared the council to Gadaffi's dictatorship for seeking to impose a new 50p charge on town centre parking bays.
There were issues that traders have raised with me in the past month and I have taken them up with the relevant engineer Darren Williams. Then and today he and Cllr Dave Bithell gave assurances that there would be meaningful consultation with traders and the townspeople about this. It was a necessary compromise and there is now time for a detailed assessment of what should happen where.
This is a very real concern and is all the more pertinent given the perceived failure to listen to the people's views over city status. That is an issue that won't go away and highlights the disconnect between the London-based political parties and voters.
It was rich to hear Labour councillors who had voted for the city status bid piously talking about listening to the people over parking charges.
Labour was posturing of course - it didn't listen to the will of the people over city status in the same way as they ignored the people over the illegal war in Iraq.

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Anonymous said...

The two Labour members are hypocrits in the worse sense of the word. They sit there and make all sorts of populist noises knowing that they don't have to deliver fuck all, because voters rejected them as a buch of incompetents.