Saturday, 16 April 2011

BNP talking to themselves (again)

The BNP launched its Welsh manifesto at Wrecsam's Llwyn Isaf bandstand this morning. Apart from its own BNP cameraman and the BBC, it is apparent they were speaking to no-one. Yet one of their candidates managed to keep a straight face when he said "Thanks very much to you all for coming."
The green was surrounded by BNP security goons, which begs the question of how would the town centre manager - who is charged with dealing with such political activities - react in this situation?
This was not an issue of free speech - nazis aren't known for their respect for democracy. They were probably disappointed that nobody tried to move them on and their pathetic bigotry is being ignored by the people.


Nick G. said...

I hope Mike Whitby behaved himself this time, he's always causing me problems but there again he's the only friend I've got left!

Hope not Hate said...

Any police nearby or was it policed by the BNP thugs themselves?

Plaid Whitegate said...

No police - just BNP monkeys in suits