Monday, 11 April 2011

Camden council attempts to ban Republic's royal wedding street party

Reproduced below is an email from Graham Smith, Campaign Manager for Republic relating to Camden Council's decision to ban a proposed "Not the Royal Wedding Street Party" Please support Republic's campaign for freedom of speech and the right to an opinion by emailing Camden Council's officers via the link below:
I am writing today to let you know about a disgraceful attack on your freedom of speech.

Having given us the go ahead last month to use Earlham Street in Covent Garden for our 'Not the royal wedding' street party, Camden Council are now attempting to ban the event - on highly spurious grounds.

The police, local businesses and many of the Council's own staff are fully behind the event. But a very vocal group of monarchists and landowners has objected.

Now the Council have caved in to pressure and has refused to close the street, effectively banning the event altogether.

The Council told me that any street party should seek to 'draw the community together in an act of celebration/oneness' and 'it is very likely that this event is not, or would not be, supported by the majority of the community'.

In other words, Camden Council believes that republicans - as a political minority - have no right to be heard.

Make no mistake - this is a politically motived ban. It is an attack on our civil liberties and a clear case of discrimination against republicans.

The street party WILL go ahead

Republic's street party will go ahead, one way or another.

The location and precise nature of the event may change, but I will keep you updated via email and on Facebook and Twitter (see below for social media links).

What we need you to do

We have every intention of persuading Camden Council to back down and are taking legal advice to see if we can overturn this ban in the courts. But we also need your help.

Please email Rachel Stopard (Head of Camden Council's Culture and Environment), Sam Monck (Assistant Director, Environment & Transport) and Cllr Sue Vincent (executive member for Environment).

Tell them that you:

• support the 'Not the royal wedding' street party as a peaceful, family event
• feel discriminated against on the grounds of your political beliefs
• consider this to be an attack on freedom of speech and the expression of legitimate dissent
• expect Camden Council to urgently review and overturn the decision not to close Earlham Street.

Send your email now to, and


Anonymous said...

Here are more people at Camden Council that you can email:-

Paul Dunphy, acting Head of Street Environment Services: ;

Nicolina Cooper, Head of Parking Services: ;

George Loureda, Head of Engineering Services: ;

Louise Bond, Head of Transport Strategy: ;

Lew Price, Head of Camden Transport Services: ;

Oliver Myers, Head of Sustainability: ;

Hilary Gillies, Head of Environment Procurement Hub:

Plaid Whitegate said...

Amazing - some street parties are more equal than others.

glynbeddau said...

Apparently David Cameron has made a plea for Councils to relax the rules on those celebrating the William Kate wedding in the Sun.

Sounds like the establishment are desperate to get people to have one. But the current response has been somewhat lukewarm

But of course he wants the rules bent for the forelock tuggers and I doubt he will be supporting Republics party.

Mind you I'm going walking in the Beacons and hope to avoid it alltogether.