Saturday, 2 April 2011

The Cameron Con!

David Cameron has the audacity to come to Swansea and claim that the Tories are delivering for Wales! Is that what he means by failing to adopt the recommendations of the Holtham Commission and to introduce a fair funding formula for Wales, a funding formula based on NEED that would give Wales £300 million a year more. Or does he mean the fact that HIS Treasury has stolen nearly £400 million that the Welsh Government had in reserves.

In the last 11 months the Tory Lib Dem has stolen £700 million which should rightfully be spent in Wales...this is 5% of the Welsh Government's budget. I wonder if Cameron has calculated that in when he claims the cuts are less in Wales?

We should however be grateful for small mercies in that Chanchellor Osborne did give us £65 million over 5 years in the recent budget...a few crumbs to keep the natives happy, but doesn't 'quite' make up for what we've lost!

I just don't see why people vote Tory when they are unabashedly stealing money from Wales.

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