Thursday, 14 April 2011

The Conservative Manifesto according to John Marek!

At last night's Together Creating Communities (TCC) accountability meeting at Regent Street Methodist Church Dr John Marek succeeded in converting a Conservative ideology into one a radical Liberal Democrat would be proud of. Dr Marek surely is the only Tory who describes himself as a 'progressive' wanting to tax people according to ability to pay! He also wants greater regulation over commercial organisations to ensure they recycle. He then goes on to support a call for a Living wage (over and above the minimum wage!) In answer to a question on climate change, Dr Marek admitted he knew little of the subject but he did want more checks and balances and also clearer guidance on Planning Regulations (I think this meant more regulation as well). Finally, Dr Marek was opposed to imprisonment and building new prisons but supported rehabilitation in the community. To be fair his support for left leaning liberalism was interspersed with the odd standard Conservative buzz word like Big Society and smaller government but going by the absence of applause for any of John Marek's answers I don't think the audience were actually taken in by his new found politics. Personally I thought his presence and mutterings were surreal as no doubt Conservative supporters in Wrecsam did as well going by their absence from the meeting.

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marford tory said...

John Marek was selected at an open hustings and it has proven to be an absolute disaster for the Conservative Association locally. The man's an extreme socialist who once courted marxist maniacs like Bob Crow and Tommy Sheridan. He is now incoherent and contradictory. Nobody in the local association is backing him and we have no doubt he will leave the party once he fails to achieve his own personal ambition of returning to the Cardiff gravy train.