Saturday, 2 April 2011

Hustings (part 2)

Tonight's rather strange hustings concentrated on whether we should have Police Commissioners. Once we'd established that nobody except John Marek wanted them, the whole thing went downhill.

The brutal fact that the organiser Richard Hibbs had to accept was that a meeting about policing and what the police do in the community would have attracted ten times more people. An academic discourse about the need for Police Commissioners - something the Assembly has rightly rejected - did not float many boats.

Bill Brereton, the Lib Dem candidate, went against the ConDem coalition's policy on the matter to his credit. He described the idea as corrupt and incestuous.

The vast majority of the audience were also hostile, which made life all the more difficult for Dr Marek.

In case you're wondering about the Labour panellist - Ken Skates failed to turn up.


Plaid Gwersyllt said...

Still not sure what it was supposed to achieve, to start with it was poorly chaired, the audience were all party politicos - 4 or 5 Lib Dems/3 PC/1 Lab/0 Tories and 2 neutral. The chair Richard Hibbs had an agenda but God knows what it was, I'm not sure he knows either! Marek was clueless talking cosy clubs and conspiracy theories...well he should know all about cosy clubs. The chair failed to elicit why Marek's party who ideologically advocate small government support a bureaucratic and expensive nonsense like Police Commissioners, but by the leeway he gave Marek I think the chair is a closet Tory. On reflection I think Ken Skates was probably right this was an evening wasted.

Anonymous said...

What idiot organises hustings for Welsh Assembly elections on a subject that is not devolved and the Assembly has no power over?