Friday, 29 April 2011

Leader letter

The Leader has published my letter about Wrexham Supporters' Trust. For some reason - presumably an irrational fear of Hamilton - it cut out two words in the second paragraph (highlighted in bold). Makes it sound as if I've supported Wrexham since the Dark Ages...

Eric Owen is quite right to ask whether the area's Assembly candidates support the WST bid to buy Wrexham FC (Letters 27 April).
As he says the WST deserves our support at this time more than ever. I've been a WST member since the dark days of Hamilton and have always believed that a community-owned club and ground is the only way to safeguard the club for future generations.
The WST had a plan back then to develop the land behind the kop with apartments and shops to finance the stadium and club's future.
That plan would have - in the right hands - seen the club flourish with a sound financial basis. Instead that key asset has been transferred out of the club's ownership and, despite promises from the current owners, it will not now be used to help the club move forward.
Throughout the past few years, the WST has played a dignified and astute role. It has limited funds raised by a lot of hard voluntary graft, but has stuck to its guns despite the bullying of others. The less said about the alternative options - ranging from convicted criminals to banned company directors - the better.
Unlike those wealthy individuals seeking to come into Wrexham to benefit from the club, the WST has only ever wanted control to ensure stability. We've got a club that has been veering from disaster to disaster in recent years and is even now looking at the play-offs with one eye on paying a tax bill. That stability is essential for potential partners such as the Welsh Assembly Government, FA of Wales, Glyndwr University and Wrexham Council. I'm sure the players and backroom staff would all appreciate a little stability too.
Wrexham fans know they can trust the Trust and I'll do all I can to make sure we have a community-owned club moving up the leagues and playing in the Millenium Stadium of the North. Plaid's election manifesto pledges that, if we're elected to form the next Welsh Government, we will provide funding for an international stadium here in Wrexham. I believe that can only happen with the WST at the helm of a community bid.

Marc Jones

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Anonymous said...

Surprised Barrie Jones actually published a letter from an election candidate, the Leader needs a courageous editor like the editor of the Flintshire Chronicle not a fecking whimp like Barrie who is scared of his own shadow!